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Currently, photography is an art form. That is, the camera is like a brush and canvas, has become an indispensable tool for many artists in expressing their emotions. Like most contemporary art, the idea of photography sells even more important than the art work itself. That is, the idea of the artwork takes precedence over its formal aspects. Thus, the artistic photography beyond its beauty makes us question and ask a series of questions.

However, most people only look at those artworks as a beautiful picture, which they will then forget as some of the images that became popular in this world. The popularity of cameras made the society accustomed to photography to the point that everybody can be a photographer. So much so that a lot of people no longer consider it as an art. They believe that taking a picture is just pointing the camera and pressing the button. However, just because an art form is widely popular doesn’t make it cheap. Art is free, and everyone can practice it.

The artist creates images that enhance the aesthetics of the snapshot. The photograph also becomes the medium for which the author expresses his feelings. It is not just an object of beauty with its shades of gray with technical or compositional skills.

The rise of art photography’s popularity

In art photography, the concept and coherence of subject and theme take a vital importance when taking the picture. This view of photography as a form of art came from the 60s when artists seemed more concerned about the concept. Back then, the popular idea is that this form of art is a tool for self-realization. For example, some artists use photography to express their emotions. Many of these photographs maybe are not very bright or aesthetically pleasing or technically precise. They do have a compelling concept behind the pictures. So much so that the idea behind the pictures outshine the aesthetic shortcomings of the image. On the other hand, there are images made by art photographers that are such a piece of beauty. Such masterpiece created another form of art where the style of photography was widely studied.

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